School of Communication

Civil Discourse in an Uncivil Time

COS 591 Section Y19
3 credits Undergraduate 
COS 691 Section Y19
3 credits Graduate 
May 11 - 23, 
David Steinberg, 305-284-5553, 

Sample Syllabus

Learn to use language and communication practices to enhance engagement, collective problem solving, and community building. Participate in debates in which opposing ideas are challenged respectfully and rationally. Undertake a serious exchange of views, focusing on issues rather than the individuals espousing them.

Interview Skills

COS 391 Section Y19

3 credits undergraduate
May 13-17, 20-24
Valerie Giroux, 305-284-2424

Sample Syllabus

Study interview skills, listening techniques, voice, and articulation. Improve your verbal responses during a taped interview. Increase awareness of appropriate professional techniques in responding to interview questions and presenting yourself in public.