Miami Herbert Business School

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  • Strategic Management

    MGT 401 - U85 LEC (9194)
    MGT 401 - B85 LEC (9195)
    Spring Break Intersession
    Yadong Luo, 
    Tentative syllabus

    Integrate knowledge and concepts learned via this eclectic “capstone” course

    • Explore the process that top executives follow in resolving strategic management and related issues faced by firms
    • Develop knowledge pertaining to the formulation and implementation of strategies
    • Sharpen your conceptual, analytical, communication, and teamwork skills
    • Develop and mature critical thinking skills

  • Families in Business

    MGT 498 - U88 LEC (9921)
    MGT 498 - B88 LEC (9922)
    Spring Break Intersession
    Tie Su, 
    Tentative syllabus

    Develop an in-depth understanding of what makes family business unique

    • Get the critical analytical thinking skills that help inside managers/executives understand the whole family business system
    • Gain insight into ownership, business management, and family dynamics issues that impact the performance of family businesses
    • Learn how family ownership and control impact the family and the business
    • Develop an understanding of the complexities that exist in the succession planning process
    • Learn how families can create wealth across generations

  • Ideation Practicum for Entrepreneurs

    MGT 498 - U85 LEC (9919)
    MGT 498 - B85 LEC (9920)
    Spring Break Intersession
    Susana Alvarez Diaz, 
    Tentative syllabus

    Scan the business environment for trends, opportunities, and gaps in order to then develop products that can satisfy those needs in the market

    • Gain both theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the fundamentals of new product development.
    • Analyze business trends, opportunities, and gaps in the market
    • Identify product ideas that can fill gaps or needs in the market
    • Design a process for developing a new product and the related mechanics of bringing it to market

  • Legal and Social Aspects of Business Regulation

    BSL 305 - U80 LEC (9909)
    BSL 305 - B80 LEC (9910)
    Spring Break Intersession
    Diana Jordan Zamora, 
    Tentative syllabus

    Understand how firms can operate profitably and legally, yet in a socially responsible manner

    • "Bring to life" complex situations where business imperatives, legal rules, and social norm collide; blending theory and practical problem-solving skills for future business managers
    • Acquire an introduction to the regulatory environment of business and the basics of applied philosophy needed to consider both the legal and social aspects of corporate decision making
    • Examine timely and provocative topics through a combination of insightful readings, dynamic lectures, case studies, full-length films, and active classroom discussion
    • Gain facility with the theory, critical terminology, and analytical tools necessary to solve difficult managerial dilemmas

  • Professional Selling

    MKT 340 - U80 LEC (10010)
    MKT 340 - B80 LEC (10011)
    Spring Break Intersession
    Ian J. Scharf, 
    Tentative syllabus

    Learn the concepts of personal selling and sales management

    • Strengthen your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and think from the perspective of building a practice
    • Learn specifically about ethics, personality types, prospecting, the sales cycle, time management, career advancement, and the roles and challenges of a sales manager.
    • Develop a strong foundation so that they will be better prepared to enter and advance in your careers.
    • Deliver a professional quality presentation with appropriate technology