Non-degree Alumni Status

All University of Miami graduates are eligible for this special Lifelong Learning Benefit. Students may take classes of interest, that they may have missed the opportunity to enroll in previously while completing degree requirements.

From Anthropology to Theatre Arts and all the disciplines in between, they may choose a class or collection of classes (maximum two classes per discipline) to meet professional or personal goals.

Return to campus to learn again, taking credit courses in the College of Arts and SciencesSchool of Communication, and School of Education & Human Development at a special Alumni rate.

The Alumni Rate Program offered by the Division of Continuing & International Education is the opportunity for holders of UM degrees (both undergraduate and graduate degrees) to take classes, on a space-available basis at a special discounted rate per credit hour.

Each student status in the Division of Continuing and International Education adheres to unique requirement criteria and regulations. Please be sure you apply to the specific status that meets your need, as the status may not be changed for that semester.

Please email or call 305-284-3389 for details.


  • Limited to a maximum of 12 undergraduate credits per semester (30-lifetime credit limit).
  • Limited to two classes per academic department (lifetime).
  • Limited to classes only from the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Communication, and School of Education & Human Development only (Restrictions do apply and NOT all classes in the participating schools and colleges are open for Alumni Rate Enrollment).
  • Limited to selected classes is permitted on a space-available basis (must have 3 or more open spots).
  • Permitted to enroll only two days prior to the first day of class.
  • Limited to enrollment in undergraduate credit (including 500 level courses) that will not be considered for graduate credit at a later date.
  • International Alumni will not be issued I-20 forms.

Application Process

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