Intersession Dates, Grades, and Refund Policy

Special Dates
Intersession courses have varying days and dates (outside of the traditional calendar available through the Office of the University of Miami Registrar). Refer to individual class listings for specific meeting dates and times.

Cancelled Courses
Intersession courses may be cancelled by the department and/or due to low enrollment. Once a course is cancelled, students must consult their academic advisor for scheduling needs.

Last Day To Add
Intersession classes must be added before 5 p.m. on the first day of the class (some classes may have earlier deadlines).

Refund Policy
Classes Dropped*

Up to and on the second day of class

After second day of class

100% refund of tuition charges

No refund of tuition charges/academic drops

NOT PAYING/NOT ATTENDING, does not drop you from an Intersession course. You must complete a drop online through CaneLink or have processed a Drop Form* in order to avoid tuition charges.

*Students who are not eligible to drop online through CaneLink must submit a completed Drop Form (signed by their advisor) for processing through Canes Central.

Official grades for Intersession courses will be provided at the end of the academic term in which they are offered (some classes, with follow up assignments, may have their official grade posted at a later date).

  • Official Grades for Winter Session A and B courses are released at the same time as Spring semester courses.