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  • English Composition 1 - Online

    ENG 105 - 80Y (10394)
    ENG 105 - 80Y1 (10395)
    January Intersession
    Susan Zabowski, 
    Tentative syllabus

    Focus on visual rhetoric as a theme to practice college-level writing

    • Synthesize multiple sources to craft original arguments
    • Engage in close reading of texts
    • Achieve increasingly sophisticated rhetorical skills
    • Cite sources correctly 

  • Advanced Professional Communication - Online

    ENG 230 - 80Y (4029)
    ENG 230 - 80Y1 (4030)
    January Intersession
    Danielle Houck, 

    Hone skills that are crucial to communication success in the workplace

    • Create effective resumes, cover letters, personal statements, LinkedIn pages, and professional digital portfolios
    • Gain skills for participating effectively in the interview/job-seeking process
    • Analyze elements involved in establishing effective relationships and networking
    • Construct effective, informative, and visually appealing persuasive presentations
    • Craft the components of a strong proposal
    • Become an informed, articulate, and thoughtful member of professional settings

  • Philosophy of Film

    PHI 353/553/653 - U80 (1146), B80 (1173)/U80 (9868), B80 (9869)/G80 (1349)
    January Intersession
    Otavio Bueno, 
    Tentative syllabus 

    Analyze central components of the understanding of film

    • Scrutinize whether film is an art form
    • Discuss what is cinema
    • Analyze philosophically the moving image
    • Examine the interactions between films and literary imagination

  • Cults & New Religious Movements in America

    REL 236/SOC 291 - U80 (3895), B80 (3897) / U80 (3365), B80 (3364) 
    January Intersession
    David Kling, 
    Tentative syllabus

    Heighten your understanding of contemporary religious activity in America

    • Participate in lectures, discussion, and screenings of featured documentaries/films
    • Focus on twentieth and twenty-first-century religious groups, so-call "cults" or new religious movements (NRMs)
    • Examine the origins, beliefs, attraction, and interactions of NRMs from a variety of perspectives: historical, sociological, and psychological
    • Scrutinize NRMs from a variety of thematic angles: potential for violence, "brainwashing," the involvement of women, and charismatic leadership
    • Enhance your critical skills by examining cults from both a pop culture and scholarly perspective

  • Political Ethics: The Dynamic Dilemmas of Contemporary Leadership

    POL 556 - U80 LEC (9059)
    POL 654 - G80 LEC (9060)
    POL 556 - B80 LEC (9196) 
    January Intersession
    Jonathan West, 
    Tentative syllabus

    Exam public policy

    • Understand the democratic process
    • Clarify personal and public values
    • Understand the complexities and ambiguities in moral judgment