Miami Herbert Business School

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  • Money

    BUS 201 - U80 LEC (10049)
    BUS 201 - B80 LEC (10050)
    January Intersession
    Manny Sicre, 
    Tentative syllabus 

    Learn about money

    • Become financially literate
    • Understand the basics of banking and saving, making money by investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
    • Learn the fundamentals of buying a home
    • Discover how to plan for retirement
    • See how to start your own business

  • Fundamentals of Business Technology & Innovation

    BTE 210 - U80 LEC (10005)
    BTE 210 - B80 LEC (10006)
    January Intersession
    Tarek Sayed,

    Get a fundamental knowledge of computer information systems and application software skills

    • Explore the Internet and World Wide Web technology as a de-facto information system platform
    • Learn critical thinking and information search strategies through Web browsing
    • Focus on computer hardware components including system unit, input, output, and storage
    • Examine application software and system software
    • Develop problem-solving skills in the use of standard microcomputer-based software packages: GUI-based file maintenance, word processing, electronic spreadsheet, database, and presentation graphics

  • Organizational Behavior

    MGT 304 - U80 LEC (9189)
    MGT 204 - B80 LEC (9190)
    January Intersession
    Chet Schriesheim, 
    Tentative syllabus

    Examine ideas on appropriate action steps that result in desirable outcomes

    • Gain a clear understanding of the challenges faced in becoming an effective manager through the use of lecture material, exercises, and case analysis 
    • Address significant questions: Do personality characteristics relate to job performance? What influences create or destroy positive job attitudes? How do we motivate employees and ourselves?
    • Discover what qualities define an effective manager
    • Learn how employees' behavior and conditions that facilitate organizational effectiveness 

  • Strategic Management

    MGT 401 - U80 LEC (9560)
    MGT 401 - B80 LEC (9561)
    January Intersession
    Yadong Luo, 
    Tentative syllabus

    Integrate knowledge and concepts learned via this eclectic "capstone" course

    • Explore the process that top executives follow in resolving strategic management and related issues faced by firms
    • Develop knowledge pertaining to the formulation and implementation of strategies
    • Sharpen your conceptual, analytical, communication, and teamwork skills
    • Develop and mature critical thinking skills

  • Leading Teams

    MGT 422 - U80 LEC (9192)
    MGT 422 - B80 LEC (9193) 
    January Intersession
    Sheryl Alonso,

    Explore the concepts of creativity and innovation in teams

    • Understand the concepts of working in a team
    • Cultivate interpersonal communication and conflict management skills
    • Develop team leadership skills
    • Learn how to deal with Freeloaders and Social Loafers
    • Participate in several team activities

  • Entrepreneurship in Entertainment

    MGT 498 - U80 LEC (9808)
    MGT 498 - B80 LEC (9809)
    January Intersession
    Susana Alvarez Diaz, 
    Tentative syllabus

    Discover entrepreneurship

    • Study the history of the different methods of monetizing the arts, sports, and entertainment
    • Look at the current, successful monetization of entertainment and the vehicles through which they are monetized and scaled
    • See how to leverage brand
    • Pitch a business