Miami Herbert Business School

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  • ACC212 Managerial Accounting

    Introduction to managerial accounting. Topics include various product costing techniques, analysis of cost behavior patterns, budgeting, and the use of accounting information to solve problems. The course is taught from a managerial perspective.
    Prerequisite: ACC 211 or ACC 221 or ACC 223 and Requisite: Business School.

  • BTE210 Fundamentals of Business Technology and Innovation

    This course covers the fundamental technologies used in business today. Topics include information technology platforms; enterprise technology concepts; network infrastructure; enterprise resource planning; information security; technology architectures; internet; cloud, mobile, and web platforms; analytical technologies; business intelligence; expert systems, and Big Data. Students work on an innovation project to create a specification/business canvas for a new technology product.
    Requisite: Business School.

  • BUS150 Business Analytics

    The primary purpose of this course is to build skills in learning and using software technologies to support business-oriented problem solving and decision making. Specifically, you will develop the ability to solve problems, to organize and analyze data using spreadsheet and database software, and to learn to distribute information to others through the effecitve use of collaborative technologies and the Web. Case problems will cover areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, statistics and operations management. Professors from several business school departments will discuss how their disciplines use spreadsheets to solve problems.
    Requisite: Business School.

  • ECO212 Principles of Macroeconomics

    Fundamental course devoted to macroeconomic analysis. Topics include national income, and employment analysis, money and banking, economic growth, and comparison of different economic systems, including the problems of developing the less develop world.

  • ECO498 Special Topic: The Economics of China

    Special topics in selected non-STEM areas of Economics.
    Prerequisite: ECO 211. Or ECO 212.

  • MGT401 Strategic Management

    An integrative approach to strategy formulations and implementation, from a domestic and international perspective, is the focus of this core capstone course. All the primary areas of business are emphasized using cases and readings. Course is required of all graduating seniors in business.

    Requisite: Miami Herbert Business School and Senior standing.

  • MGT440 Families in Business

    Family controlled businesses (both private and publicly-traded) are unique forms of ownership that are challenge by family dynamics, emotional attachment to the firm and various other issues resulting from the interaction of family, management and ownership particularly where the family wishes to perpetuate its influence and/or control from genaration to generation.