Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What classes will I take?

    Students take core courses from their chosen area of study. Remaining credits are taken from other departments and schools based on individual program requirements, academic interests, and course availability. Visiting students must be enrolled full-time (minimum of 12 credit hours) for the duration of the semester.

  • What if a program in my academic area is not listed?

    Contact the Miami Semester office to inquire if your program of interest is available. Email us at

  • Will attending the Miami Semester program help me transfer to the University of Miami?

    Admission to the Miami Semester program does not imply admission to the University of Miami. Students are not eligible to transfer to the University of Miami in the semester following their participation in the Program.

  • Where do students live while on campus?

    Visiting students may live on campus for the spring semester, based on availability. Students attending the fall semester live off campus.

  • What can I do outside of class?

    Students are encouraged to participate in student organizations and campus activities. Learn more >

    South Florida’s subtropical climate and attractions make it a unique place to visit and explore. Coconut Grove, South Beach, the Everglades National Park, and the Florida Keys are just a few examples of fun and exciting places to visit.

  • What is the cost of the program?

    Miami Semester students pay undergraduate tuiton and fees. For tuition and fees information visit the Office of Student Account Services

  • Is financial assistance available?

    Students that are receiving financial assistance at their home institution should meet with their financial aid office to discuss transferring qualified financial aid via a consortium agreement.

    A consortium agreement enables the transfer of federal student aid (no institutional funds, i.e. scholarships or grants are eligible to be used) from the college or university at which a student has matriculated (the home institution) to the one being visited (the host institution). It is a formal agreement between two Title IV-eligible institutions and ensures that courses taken at the host institution will be accepted towards the student's degree at the home institution. Students must be approved by their home institution and the University of Miami Office of Financial Assistance.

    International students are encouraged to seek sources of financial assistance from their home institutions.

Additional questions? Please contact the Miami Semester office at 305-284-5078 or email us at