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  • CLA 325 The Vampire in Folklore, Fiction, and Film

    By pondering the role of vampires and other such monsters, in folklore, fiction, and film, this course attempts to ponder such fundamental questions as "What does it mean to be human?" and "What are the implications of death?" The tradition will be traced from its earliest antecedents in the ancient world to its latest manifestations in current fiction and screen medi

  • PHI 353/553 Philosophy of Film

    Philosophical questions concerning the ontology and aesthetics of film.

  • POL370 Global Energy Politics

    Energy use throughout history has shaped humanity's politics and economics; the politics of the depletion of fossil fuels; global warming; "green alternative energies: solar; wind; waves; civilian nuclear power.

  • POL547 Congressional Representation

    This course examines how and when citizens influence legislator's behavior. More specifically, we examine how legislators' floor behavior reflects citizen's preferences and how these preferences influence the manner in which legislators build electoral coalitions.

    Requisites: POL 201 Or POL202 Or POL203 Or INS101

  • INS321 International Development

    A synthesis of major theories of international development, institutional architecture, and practice of international. Focuses on key international development policies such as trade, macroeconomic finance, and equity. Considers narrow conceptions of modernity, growth, progress, wellbeing, and culture toward broader conceptions of freedom and/or sustainable development in both the Global North and Global South.

  • GEG348/648 Climate Change and Public Health

    The mechanism by which climate change adversely affects human health, and the policy options for mitigating our exposure.