First Summer Intersession Classes

Each school and college offer a variety of courses during Intersessions. These short-term classes span between 2-to-5-week intervals. Courses and course descriptions are listed within the respective school and college. All class will be held through remote and online modalities. For specific information about course details and prerequisites, visit Canelink and search for Intersession within the additional search criteria option.

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  • ART102 Introduction to Drawing II

    Experimentation, chance, exaggeration, movement, texture, and color in pictorial composition.

  • ART210 Introduction to Digital Photography

    DSLR Camera and Lens Techniques and Adobe LightRoom Processing in Digital Photography.

  • ART260 Special Topics in Ceramics

    Rotating topics course with a focus on developing moeling skills with clay through various forming methods.

  • ART689 Directed Research in Ceramics

    Historical to contemporary approach to ceramics; furthering of the technical ability, and development of artistic style.

    Requisite: Graduate Standing

  • CLA325 The Vampire in Folklore, Fiction and Film

    By pondering the role of vampires and other such monsters, in folklore, fiction, and film, this course attempts to ponder such fundamental questions as "What does it mean to be human?" and "What are the implications of death?" The tradition will be traced from its earliest antecedents in the ancient world to its latest manifestations in current fiction and screen media.

  • KIN235 Personal and Community Health

    Overview of current strategies and practices for healthy living, including health maintenance and disease prevention. 

  • MCY121 Hip-Hop History, Culture, and Globalization

    A critical history and analysis of the hip-hop culture in the U.S. and beyond. The course will cover major historical periods hip-hop in the U.S. beginning in the 1970's through its global impact in the 21st century. the course will also include analysis of technology, gender, race, sexuality, religion and politics related to hip-hop culture.

  • MGT401 Strategic Management

    An integrative approach to strategy formulation and implementation, from a domestic and international perspective, is the focus of this core capstone course. All the primary areas of business are emphasized using cases and readings. Course is required of all graduating seniors in Business.
    Requisite: Business School and Senior Standing.

  • PHI353 Philosophy of Film

    Philosophical questions concerning the ontology and aesthetics of film.

  • PHI553/653 Philosophy and Film

    Combining readings in philosophy and film theory and criticism with close analysis of selected films, this course is premised on a conviction in the potential fruitfulness, both for film studies and philosophy, of thinking pilosophically about the ontology of the medium, the history and the art of film.  the ways we experience movies, and their impact on our lives. A main focus will be on the writings of Stanley Cavell the most important author in the Anglo/American philosophical tradition to make writing about film a substantial part of his philosophical project and philosophical responses by to his work.

  • TAL107 American Sign Language I

    This course is designed to allow participants to learn about Deaf Culture and be able to sign with sufficient fluency to discuss work, social, and family topics using two to four sentence responses.