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  • BSL498 Special Topic ~ Employment and Labor Law

    Employment and Labor Law focuses on the legal, public policy,and ethical issues associated with the hiring, management and termination of employees, independent contractors, andother business representatives. The course also explores issues associated with organized laborand collective bargaining. Students will be introduced to the framework and vocabulary of employment and labor law, as well asa systematic method of legal analysis and practice in resolving employment-related dilemmas that have legal, ethical, and practical businessdimensions. Specific factual employment law issues/cases, as well as hypothetical employment case scenarios are used to present the relevant substantive rules and concepts, and to sharpen the students’ problem solving and critical thinking skills.Prerequisite:BSL 212 Introduction to Business Law

  • BUS202 Introduction to the Legal Environment

    The course provides an overview of legal principles impacting business. Students will explore fundamental features of the U.S. judicial system, conflict resolution, the domestic system of property rights, the U.S. Constitution, and the regulatory process, as they relate to the business firm or business as a societal actor. Topical areas may include business ethics, consumer protection, employment discrimination laws, privacy concerns, the law of competition, and environmental regulation.

  • FIN300 Fundamentals of Finance for Non-Finance Majors

    This course provides an overview of modern finance for non-business majors. Top ics include: how financial markets work, understanding financial pages in newspapers and the Internet, how stock and bond prices are determined, how investment t portfolios are structured, concepts of risk and return, how companies manage their cash and investments and international finance. Not for credit for business students.
    Requisite: Non Business Majors.

  • FIN456 Behavioral Finance

    The goal of this course is to expose you to selected topics from the upcoming field of behavioral finance. This will include a discussion of prospect theory and different types of behavioral biases such as representativeness, disposition effect, overconfidence, narrow framing, familiarity bias, and the house-money effect. In addition, the course will cover the implications of behavioral biases for asset pricing, corporate finance, and the overall macro-economy. Simple experiments will be conducted in class to illustrate some key behavioral concepts.
    Prerequisites: FIN 302FIN 303FIN 320.

  • MGT253 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

    Focuses on the process of identifying entrepreneurial opportunities and the operations of a small business. Topics include organization, location, financial planning, record-keeping, unit costs, merchandising, credit, and recruitment of personnel. This course is open to SBA students, ENT minors, or MGT minors.
    Requisite: Business School or MGMT minor or ENTR minor.

  • MGT401 Strategic Management

    An integrative approach to strategy formulation and implementation, from a domestic and international perspective, is the focus of this core capstone course. All the primary areas of business are emphasized using cases and readings. Course is required of all graduating seniors in Business.
    Requisite: Business School and Senior Standing.