Third Summer Intersession Classes

Each school and college offer a variety of courses during Intersessions. These short-term classes span between 2-to-5-week intervals. Courses and course descriptions are listed within the respective school and college. All class will be held through remote and online modalities. For specific information about course details and prerequisites, visit Canelink and search for Intersession within the additional search criteria option.

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  • BSL498 Special Topic: Employment and Labor Law

    Professor: Karen Turner

    Day/Time: 7/13 - 7/16; T-F 9:00 am - 2:00 pm  7/19 - 7/23; M-F 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

    Course Description: Focuses on the legal, public policy, and ethical issues associated with the hiring, management and termination of employees, independent contractors, and other business representatives. The course also explores issues asociated with organized labor and collective bargaining. Students will be intrduced to the framework and vocabulary of employment and labor law, as well as systematic method of legal analysis and practice in resolving employment-related dilemmas that have legal, ethical, and practical business dimensions.

  • JMM402 Strategic Management

    Professor: Winston Warrior 

    Day/Time: TBA

    Course Description: This course focuses on strategy analysis, formulation, implementation, and evaluation in managing media enterprises. Media cases are used to apply and discuss strategies.
    Pre-requisite: JMM 102.

  • MCY131 Understanding Music

    Professor: Christopher Cary

    Day/Time: TBA

    Course Description: A general introduction to the musical elements and the history of music from an tiquity to the present. Primarily focuses on classical music, but also include s exposure to pop, jazz, and music traditions. This course is not for music majors. Music majors should enroll in MCY 140 and MCY 141.
    Requisite: Must not be in School of Music.

  • MGT324/624 Negotiation Strategies

    Professor: Teresa Scandura

    Day/Time: M-F 5:30 pm - 9:45 pm

    Course Description: A skills-based approach to learning the art and science of negotiation.  Course covers preparation, and negotiation skills such as establishing trust and relationship-building.  Topics include power, persuasion, creativity, problem-solving, ethics, and cross-cultural negotiation.  Skills and self-insight will be acquired through self-assessment, role-play negotiation exercises, and case studies.
    Requisite: Must be in the Business School or have a MGMT minor plan.

  • TAL207 American Sign Language II

    Professor: Kirsten Schwarz

    Day/Time: TBA

    Course Description: This course is designed to allow participants to learn about Deaf Culture and be able to sign with sufficient fluency to discuss work, social, and family topics using four to six sentence responses. Students will be able to independently participate in a signed conversation without the use of voicing.
    Prerequisite: TAL 107.