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  • CCA103 Survey of Motion Pictures

    Examination of the aesthetic, social, and economic aspects of the motion picture industry. Concentration on the present state of the medium with particular emphasis on future trends.

  • CCA364 Business of Motion Pictures

    Students will get an overview of how content is created and who the players are. They will practice synthesizing information and translating it into a strategic plan for a business or individual career path in the entertainment industry.

  • CCA386/686 Colisted - Online Screenwriting

    This is an online course on screenwriting. Students will learn to analyze films through the lens of genres, including Drama, Comedy, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi, and Coming of Age, to write scripts, and to critique genre conceits of assigned films.
    Prerequisite: CCA 126.

  • COS120 Exploring Human Communication

    Course content focuses on behavioral science research highlighting verbal and nonverbal skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary for effective communication in a broad range of contexts, including romantic relationships, business interactions, political campaigns, health promotion, and persuading and influencing people in general.

  • COS211 Public Speaking

    Introduction to effective audience communication including theory and extensive practice in oral presentations.

  • COS333 Business Communication

    Study and practice in the major forms of spoken and written communication in the context of businesses and other professional organizational settings.
    Requisite: Sophomore Standing or Higher.

  • COS377 Argumentation and Critical Thinking

    Argumentation theory and practice are discussed. Rhetorical and philosophical foundations of argumentation and their application in various settings including academic debate are also covered.

  • COS391/691 Colisted - Debriefing the Circus: A Lookback at the 2020 Presidential Election Campaign

    This course subject matter varies according to announced special topic. See class schedule for details.