Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science

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  • GSC102 - Evolution of Biosphere

    The physical basis of life. The origin, early evolution, history of life on Earth. Emphasis on major crises and innovations, including the evolution of modern man.

  • GSC103 - Evolution of the Modern Earth's Environment

    The earth's crust: composition and morphology. Ocean and atmosphere: radiation balance and dynamics. Climatology and paleoclimatology. The ice ages and the evolution of the modern environment. The relationships between the geological environment and human activities.

  • MSC410 - Marine Conservation Science

    Nature of marine biodiversity, what threatens it, and what can be done to recover the biological integrity of estuaries, coastal seas, and oceans. Topics include: distinctive aspects of marine populations and ecosystems; threats to marine biological diversity, singly and in combination; place-based management of marine ecosystems; and the human dimensions of marine conservation.
    Junior Standing.