Second Summer Intersession Classes

Each school and college offer a variety of courses during Intersessions. These short-term classes span between 2-to-5-week intervals. Courses and course descriptions are listed within the respective school and college. All class will be held through remote and online modalities. For specific information about course details and prerequisites, visit Canelink and search for Intersession within the additional search criteria option.

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  • COS311 Advanced Oral Advocacy

    Advanced presentational speaking to persuade including theory and extensive practice.

    Prerequisite: COS211

  • EPS430 Intergroup Dialogues

    The Intergroup Dialogue course will provide an opportunity for students to engage in dialogue across difference. Students will have the opportunity to learn about and discuss social identities and intersectionality in relation to various social identities, with a focus on social justice. The course will focus on understanding of perspectives and ideas that facilitate intellectual advancement as well as personal development as members of the UM community, and the larger community in which we are situated. Note: The focal social identity varies by class section: please refer to the Class Notes for information on the social identity that will be the main focus of this section.

  • KIN301 Athletic Injuries and Sports First Aid

    Course will help coaches, camp counselors, teachers, personal trainers, and athletes of all levels to fullfill the role of being a competent first responder to athletic injuries and illnesses. Upon completions of this course, students will have knowledge of basic sport first aid skills, anatomy and sport injury terminology, and knowledge of specific athletic injuries and illnesses. These will include head injuries, sudden illnesses, weather-related problems, upper and lower body musculoskeletal injuries, respiratory emergencies and illnesses, and internal injuries. Students will also learn basic hands-on skills such as splinting, taping, and bracing as it relates to preventing and treating athletic injuries.

  • MCY125 African-American Gospel Music

    This course surveys the stylistic evolution of African-American gospel music from the nineteenth-centruy folk spiriutal of twenty-first century commercial gneres. The focus is on the contributions of some of gospel music's most influential figures, including Thomas Dorsey, Salie Marting, William Herbert Brewster, Mahalia Jackson, James Cleveland, Shirley Caesar, Andrae Crouch, Fred hammond, Kirk Franklin, and others.

    Requisite: Must not be in School of Music.