Second Summer Intersession Classes

Each school and college offer a variety of courses during Intersessions. These short-term classes span between 2-to-5-week intervals. Courses and course descriptions are listed within the respective school and college. All class will be held through remote and online modalities. For specific information about course details and prerequisites, visit Canelink and search for Intersession within the additional search criteria option.

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  • COS311 Advanced Oral Advocacy

    Advanced presentational speaking to persuade including theory and extensive practice.

    Prerequisite: COS211

  • POL370 Global Energy Politics

    Energy use throughout history has shaped humanity's politics and economics;the politics of the depletion of fossils fuels; global warming: "green" alternative energies: solar; wind;waves; civilian nuclear power.

  • MCY124 The Evolution of Jazz

    A study of the origin, development, and styles of jazz music and its exponents. This course is not for music majors. Music majors should enroll in MSJ113 and MSJ213

    Requisite: Must not be in School of Music.