Auditing Classes

Students who are interested in observing a class but do not want to receive academic credit/grade may audit "lecture-type" courses only and if there is space available in "lecture-type" undergraduate classes.

  • "Lecture-type" classes are those where students can observe the delivered lecture of material by the professor*.
  • "Interactive type" classes (e.g. language, art, drama, math) are NOT open for audit through the non-degree program.

Audit students must understand that in requesting to audit a credit course they will:

  • Not receiving credit for the course
  • Have no record of my having taken the course
  • Have no grade assigned to their for the course
  • Not have their coursework reviewed or take any exams
  • Not be able to get credit for this course at a later date
  • Not be eligible for a refund
  • Not eligible for residence on campus 
  • Do not receive student privileges except for the use of the library

*The Miami Herbert Business School does not allow students to audit business courses within these subjects: management, accounting, finance, business technology, human resources, economics, business law, business, management statistics, marketing, health sector management & policy.

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