Dropping a Class

Not attending or not paying for a course does not drop a student from a class. Students need to drop through Canelink following the process found below.

Dropping a course through CaneLink

Dropping all courses

Students may not drop all courses through CaneLink. In accordance with University of Miami policies, dropping all courses or reducing a student credit-hour load to zero is construed as a formal withdrawal from the University. 

To officially withdraw from the University of Miami, non-degree students are required to:

  • Notify the 'Canes Success Center by emailing success@miami.edu 
  • In the subject line please indicate "Non-degree Student Withdrawal"

Students who request a complete withdrawal from a major semester (fall or spring) will need to reapply to be eligible to enroll for any future semesters. 

Confirm drop in CaneLink

  • Login to CaneLink 
  • Confirm drop has been processed - to avoid acquiring an "F" on transcripts and ensure accurate tuition refund amounts as per the tuition refund schedule