Declarations for Non-degree Status Enrollment

Please read carefully these declarations of non-degree seeking enrollment. If your application is approved, in order to be eligible to enroll you will have to complete a survey confirming your agreement and comprehension of the below information.

Declarations of Non-Degree Seeking Status Enrollment

  1. I am aware that I am signing up for college CREDIT class(es) and my academic performance will be recorded in my University of Miami Transcript. By accepting membership in the University community, I acquire rights in, as well as responsibilities to, the whole University community as stated in the Student Rights and Responsibilities.
  2. I am aware of the tuition and fees for the class(es); and that in non-degree seeking status, I am not eligible for financial aid or payment plans.
  3. I am aware that I am responsible to make payment in full in CaneLink by published deadlines for the semester by the Office of Student Account Services (no paper bills are mailed, bills and billing communications are only available in CaneLink).
  4. I am aware of the academic calendar, and that I am responsible to drop/add classes as per the published dates allowed.
  5. I am aware that not paying/not attending does NOT drop me from my class registration NOR absolve my financial obligation.  I must follow the directions listed at the non-degree seeking website with information for dropping classes.
  6. I am aware that any drop requests after the first day for the semester will follow the tuition refund schedule based on the day the drop request is officially processed in CaneLink or received at
  7. I am aware that any tuition and fees I have not paid WILL BE BILLED as a collectible.
  8. I am aware that upon enrollment, all new students are required to provide proof of immunization to Student Health Services. Failure to do so will result in a negative service indicator, placed by Student Health Services, that will prevent me from adding or dropping courses or registering for subsequent semesters. In addition, I have familiarized myself with Health Insurance Information and its requirements, fees, and waiver policies. 
  9. I am aware that if I have questions or concerns regarding registration or enrollment, I should direct them to; I am also aware that policies and procedures regarding non-degree seeking status enrollment can be found at
  10. I am aware that non-degree seeking graduate status, non-degree seeking undergraduate status, non-degree seeking alumni status, etc., each has unique requirements, regulations, and pricing. Once I apply and/or register in any specific student status, my status CANNOT be changed for that semester.